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Skyline Tutoring is an online tutoring service which provides quality tutoring for your kids at the comfort of your home at an affordable price. Thus, we supplement school education with the help of tutors who have an in-depth knowledge in the subjects they teach. The tutoring takes place using an interactive whiteboard which can be run on your web browser without any software installation.
We provide tutoring for Grades 1 through 12
  • To see the complete list of subjects we offer tutoring, please Click Here.
  • If you are looking for a subject which is not enlisted there, please send us your requirement. We are happy to help you reach the skies of success.
We stick to the curriculum followed by each student and always try to make sure that the tutor is using the student’s textbook for reference.
At least two hours of tutoring are recommended per week to keep track with what the student learns at school.
Please click here to let us know your requirements and the best time to contact you. Our Academic Manager will contact you and provide you with a FREE demo on how things work at Skyline Tutoring. Then you can fix a convenient schedule. Then, you will be ready for your first FREE class with your tutor. You can login to our website using the login credentials provided to you and click on the link to join the class. Once you are comfortable with your first session, you can make your payments using a secure payment gateway. Finally, you can continue your sessions with ease.
To take a look at the prices for which we offer tutoring, please click here.
You can pay through a secure payment gateway.
You can login to our website using the login credentials provided to you and you can view information regarding your upcoming sessions.
You will get the same tutor every time you login for your sessions as long as you are comfortable working with him/her.
If for any reason you are not comfortable with a tutor, please do let us know immediately, so we can provide you with a different tutor.
Most of our tutors have an MS degree in their subject. In addition, they are also given training on the curriculum to be followed.
At Skyline Tutoring, we help students learn their basic concepts with clarity, so they do not have any skill gaps. Yes, we do help students understand their homework questions and help them complete it on their own. However, we also prepare your student with exams, and make sure your student is confident in his/her curriculum.
You can cancel and reschedule a session with a 48-hour notice.
You can call us at +1 408 850 1886 or you can contact us via WhatsApp at +919745944489. You can also email us
As a parent, you are expected to provide the student with a distraction free environment. Also, you are expected to make sure that the student logs in at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time and joins the session at the scheduled time with the tutor.

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